Churchill Fellowship and Artists Residency

Research advanced bronze casting techniques in Europe;
Le Atelier des Fondeurs d’Art. Montolieu

Artist Residency, Montelieu, France
The Foundry and Studios in the old Tannery buildings
Artist Residency, Montelieu, France
Sculptor Will Kuiper with the owner of the foundry, John Cockin.
Artist Residency, Montelieu, France
Artist Residency, Montelieu, France
Will Kuiper and John Cockin, pouring bronzes at the foundry in Montelieu

Meliesa Judge was granted a Churchill Fellowship in 2001. The research project for the fellowship was to study advanced bronze casting techniques in Europe, culminating in an Artist's residency at a Sculpture Foundry in the rural South of France (Aude region). The Artists Meliesa Judge and Will Kuiper travelled together through Europe, deriving inspiration from the outdoor sculpture parks in England, the street sculpture of Ireland and the museums and gardens of Paris, while also visiting art foundries and sculpture studios in every city they visited.

‘L'Atelier des Fondeurs d'Art is in Monelieu, near Carcassonne. It is housed in an old tannery in a huge rambling building, which once employed the whole village. Two related art organisations; ‘L'Atelier des Fondeurs d'Art, and the Centre de Sculpture relocated to the building in 1994.

The sculpture centre with its residency program is a meeting place for artists from diverse backgrounds, cultures and interests, from across Europe. They have good support from every level of French Government and strong links to the British Council. The foundry is a commercial Art Foundry working on public commissioned sculpture and short run edition works.

Both sculptors had opportunity to create new work, and to sculpt with new materials and bronze casting techniques. They documented new processes, made and moulded work, participated in foundry firings and met other visiting sculptors and founders.

Reseach continued on returning to Australia as the new techniques and methodologies suggested by foundries across Europe, were implemented at Liquid Metal Studios.

New sculptures that were made in France were moulded at the foundry and then cast on the artists return to Adelaide.

The Montelieu Collection can be viewed here.