Meliesa Judge


Spirit wind
Spirit wind
Spirit Wind
Emu Plains
Spirit wind
Dance of the Winter Cranes
Spirit wind
Half Moon
Spirit wind
"Dominique" original clay
St Ignatius
"St Ignatius" Bronze alongside the original clay
Catherine McAuley original
mould making for Sait Ignatius
Catherine McAuley original
"Catherine McAuley" original clay
Catherine McCauley
Hand modelling the direct cast Egrets for Linde Reserve.


Meliesa has been running an independant sculpture studios and foundry for over 20 years now. Passionate about her work, certain that visual art can communicate values, that the aesthetic experience is essential to humanity. Sculpture is a dynamic, progressive medium of expression. By bringing work into the public sphere, art becomes available to all of us, becomes a bridge between thought and life. Her early practise focused on fired clay and kiln technology. Her husband, Will Kuiper, studied sculpture – metal assemblage in everything from copper to stainless steel. In the combination of their sculpture skills, bronze casting was a logical conclusion.

Commissioned Sculpture:

2021 St Elizabeth Seton was completed and installed at Seton College, Samson WA. The work was sculpted while working from our home studios during the pandemic.

The new Calvary retirement home in Berri had a very unique window designed for its small chapel. The window casts light right down the main corridor of the facility. It depicts the landscape of the Murray river with the gently present figurre of the crucifix in sandblasted glass over the alter.

2020 Sculpture for the Chapel of the new Calvary Hospital in Adelaide including the powerful sequence of ideas for the fourteen stations of the Cross. Three major leadlight windows were designed for the Chapel by Meliesa and fabricated by Adelaide Leadlight.

2019 The studios celebrated its 20+ year retrospective with an open studio exhibition. The show was opened by celebrity Maggie Beer.

2018 Catherine McAuley for Monte Sant Angelo College, North Sydney

2017 The Architect. Private collection of Jennifer Gardner OM and architect Doug Gardner

2016 Archbiship Thomas Carr, the second Archbishop of Melbourne for Thomas Carr College. Tarneit.

2015 St Ignatius, a life sized depition of the leader of the Jesuits, has been created as an edition. The first went to e Norwood Catholic Parish SA, 2013, the second of the edition to John xxiii School, WA, 2014. The third was installed at St Ignatius College, Geelong, 2015.

The studios completed a major park redevelopment in Stepney, SA, 2012. A pair of unique freeform waterbirds was completed for the park in October 2012. The waterbirds are a shared design project with Will Kuiper. Meliesa sculpted a German Migrant Memorial for the same park, returning to the theme of mother and child playing together

Catherine McAuley was installed in All Hallows' School, Brisbane and unveiled on 1st Nov 2011. The lifesized sculpture is a vivid representation of this remarkable Irish humanitarian.

Aurora is a unique contemporary sculpture, the combination of the skills and imagination of both sculptors. She was commissioned for the Aurora building , Light Square, Adelaide. Installed in 2010.


Meliesa has been strongly encouraged throughout her career by a succession of mentors and a strong community of patrons, collectors and business people who believe that what the artists are striving to acheive makes a valuable contribution to our cultural life. Meliesa’s sculptures are represented in many private collections around Australia, and in Italy, Germany, Ireland, England, and the USA.

Churchill Fellowship:

Europe 2001. An opportunity to take her sculpture and foundry techniques to the advanced level. Their focus was to visit as many foundries and sculpture exhibits as possible. The Sculpture parks in England and specifically the Cass Sculpture Foundation, were a revelation; Spring in Paris was spent in the museums; they were warmly welcomed in Dublin where the community is transforming the old city with new sculpture. Finally four months in a bronze foundry/studio in the South of France, with the purpose of making new sculpture and learning new techniques. A series of new sculptures were created over the summer.

Notable Exhibitions:

Duo shows with her husband are her preferred option for exhibitions. They have had several exhibitions at Urrbrae House - well reviewed and well attended. Self funding allows complete independence in work and presentation. She exhibits regularly around Australia & with occasional ventures overseas.

Continual studio practise;

A series of group studios through the early years supported her art practise even during full time employment for the Museum. Several years of home studios helped consolidate while establishing as a self funded, full time sculptor. Mitcham Council enabled a studio workshop in 2003. This is a fully functional sculpture zone, daylight, cement floors, truck delivery access and room to build really large work.

Training for a career in the arts:

The most practical & inspirational art training was full time work at Artlab, (Museum SA & The State Gallery). Three years work in the Objects Department included everything from Ancient Egyptian bronzes to Aboriginal Bark paintings. One major focus was on first white contact indigenous work, Dreamings 1989.      

Directions for the future:

Meliesa has proved her capacity to work on a very large scale within the strict guidelines of a formal sculpture. New work and commissions planned for 2022 include several sculptures with a more loose and contemporary feel.